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Make a difference this McHappy Day®!

We're proud to be supporting McHappy Day® on Saturday 14th November 2020. 

McHappy Day® raises funds for Ronald McDonald House Charities® to provide much needed support for seriously ill children and their families. 

This year we are aiming to raise more than $5.3 million for Ronald McDonald House Charities®, which equates to more than 33,000 days of supporting families with seriously ill children across Australia. One hundred percent of profits from McHappy Day® go directly to the charity. 

Please help make a difference this McHappy Day® by donating now. Thanks for your support!

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Tay Please Call The Police On Chris

Call the police if Chris doesn't get a mullet. They will arrest him and take him to jail


Chris Please Get A Scullet

Unlucky Chris. I hope you've got a mullet picked out already 🙂


Tanya Manteit-mulcahy

Chris your mullet awaits!!!


Tantex Holdings

What a great result!


Chris I Know Some Really Good Barbers

They are Persian and are always dancing to Persian music whenever I go there. I think you should probably go to Ben Scissorhands in Kelvin Grove and get my main man Arras to do your mullet up




Chris Please Get A Skullet*

This is just to correct scullet to skullet. Thanks.


Okie Dokie

Thankyou and good night


Will Donoghoe

Enjoy your fire haircut Chris P Baken



Get the clippers ready!!! Up the mullet!


Caleb Jeffery

It’s over Chris, I have the high ground


Sean Chaseling



Georgia Buick

Don’t like mullets but it’s a great cause 😊


Luke Davidson


Crysteffor Passaris

It’s mullet season boys and girls


Daniel Taylor


Bella Mojica


Tammy Thai


Richard Lysnar

Go for it Emily!



The Mullet is a guarantee it is now about staying at #1


Lachlan Cullen-ward


Genevieve Phoenix



i hate mullets but this needs to happen


Emily Ashford

bring on the skullets !


Ashleigh Priddey


Samson Blyth


Noel Ashford


Molly Lenno


Kelsie Orthman


Chloe Cronin


Naomi Jensen



Talia Armstrong

enjoy the mullets !!


Ella Cahill


Cobie Standfield



Ready for your Halsey cut Tay




Jake Wibberley